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I moved to Louisville 21 years ago and fell in love with it like so many do. Let's make sure our city is one where everyone is seen and heard and has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


This is my story

I’m a business executive, entrepreneur and former nonprofit leader. I moved to Louisville 21 years ago to raise my kids.

Growing up as a middle child of eight kids we didn’t have a lot but we had plenty of love. And I learned early how hard it can be to put a meal on the table and give your kids a clear path to reach their dreams. Seeing the kind of stress it puts on folks is what drove me to focus on creating opportunity for as many people as possible.

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I was able to get scholarships for college and worked my way through. I studied politics and economics because I realized both policy and money are key to creating change. I went on to work in the financial industry in New York and London, co-founded a company that was ultimately bought by a global bank before deciding to move to Louisville to raise my family.

I wanted my kids to grow up in a welcoming place with green spaces and attend good schools. Every child deserves this. I want to build a city where that is the lived-in reality for every one of our kids and where each of them can stay, flourish and raise their families as well.

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I spent my career with businesses and nonprofits, big and small, bringing people together and getting things done, including recently on projects targeting development in West Louisville.

I am an eighteen-year board member of the Jefferson Community and Technical College Foundation, served as a volunteer executive adviser to the Louisville Urban League’s development of its $53 million Norton Sports Health Athletics and Learning Complex and I've served on the TARC board for the past 18 months.

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It’s been a privilege to work with community leaders to get big things done in our City. From helping bring the indoor sports complex to West Louisville to building a more welcoming and inclusive space at our downtown community college, I know what it takes to turn a vision into a reality.

The past 20 years I've been:

  • I've been helping business and entrepreneurs get the access to capital they need to grow.

  • Building profitable models for non-profit organizations to help them sustain their operations and expand their work in the community.

  • Bringing the right people together to solve issues 

I’ll bring a leadership formula to City Hall that I've used my entire career: bringing people together around a shared strategy, communicating and holding everyone accountable.

I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in economics and political science, and played DI Volleyball. I hold an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. I currently run Velo, a firm specializing in providing expertise on strategy, growth and access to capital for black, brown, women and LGBTQ owned companies and projects, spurring development in West Louisville.


I'm the mom of Connor and Eli, and bonus mom of Anthony, Hayden and Sophia, I'm a triathlete (Ironman) who loves reading, cooking and traveling. I live in Crescent Hill with my husband Erik.


I was not planning to run for Mayor of Louisville. But I decided it's time to step up and now I’m seeking to make the biggest difference of my lifetime for this city we love, so every single one of us—in every neighborhood—has the opportunities we deserve.